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salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-84 Heidi and Stacy, these two beautiful people were married on a gorgeous Chicago summer day surrounded by some of the most entertaining friends and wonderful families around! There was a common theme throughout the day – a love of weddings and agreement all around that Heidi’s family is just the best, and I could not agree more! Everyone was just so happy + excited to be there celebrating Stacy + Heidi as they officially became man + wife and extended the family! I started the morning with Heidi and her faves while Maggie was hanging with Stacy and his delightfully entertaining group of groomsmen – a group we will not forget : ) salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-1 Sooooo many gorgeous details that Heidi picked out and put together! I loved them : )salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-14 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-2 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-7 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-4 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-17 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-18 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-8 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-19 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-3 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-6 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-16 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-20 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-5 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-21 You two beauties have the same gorgeous smiles!salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-22 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-9 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-24 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-25 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-28 I mean just absolutely stunning!!!!salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-26 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-36 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-31 Ha – Heidi I love you and this awesome shot!
salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-34 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-35 Time to get hitched! salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-37 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-39 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-38 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-41 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-42 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-45 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-47 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-44 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-46 This church is just such a wild backdrop to share vows in! salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-48 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-43 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-51 Marrrrrrried!!!!salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-52 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-53 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-54salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-56 You beauty 🙂salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-62 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-67 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-71 Look at this gorgeous, happy bride all wrapped up in love – just the best!salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-75 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-89 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-80 You ladies were just wonderful to spend the day with!! salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-58 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-65 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-60 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-66 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-55 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-69 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-73 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-74 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-72 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-91 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-57
salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-68 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-83 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-59 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-77 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-76 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-96 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-88 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-92 You guys make me reeeeeal happy : )salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-70 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-82 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-87 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-81 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-64 After pictures we hoped on the bus and made our way over to Salvatore’s for some delicious dinner + dancing! salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-99 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-112 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-101 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-107 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-108 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-110 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-111 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-109 These two were so much fun to watch during their first dance, like contagious smiling just passed through the room. It was seriously the best : ) salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-114 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-113 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-116

Most hilarious moment of the day?: Most hilarious but scary part was right before I was going to get out of the limo and walk down the aisle my dress clasp snapped but my cousin, Ali one of the bridesmaids, had her sewing kit and sewed me back up just in time!
Would you have done anything differently?: Many people told me to stop throughout the day to look around and enjoy the moment and I wish I did that more at the reception! It was the best day of our lives but also the fastest day!
Favorite moment from your day?: My favorite moment was walking down the aisle with my father to Stacy.  Seeing Stacy and holding onto my dad made me feel calm as I had so many nerves up until that part!
Any tips or tricks for future couples planning their weddings?: People really do say that the day flies by so take it all in and pause when you can. Know that everyone that is celebrating the love that you two share!

salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-115 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-117 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-118 You guys…. and then they DANCED. And I loved it. salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-120 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-122 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-121 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-106 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-123 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-124 Heeeeey guys! Thanks so very much for having us there to capture your ridiculously gorgeous and love filled wedding day. We loved it all!! It was an absolute blast and we would not want to be anywhere else than there with you guys capturing all of that happy love! Thank you, thank you so much + congratulations again!! Xo – Laurie salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-125 salvatoreswedding_ellerosephoto_sh-79

Second Shooter Extraordinaire :: Maggie Wright  ///   Flowers :: Verdant Company   ///  DJ :: OKYNE Media Labs  ///  Cake :: Oak Mill Bakery  ///  Bridesmaids Dresses :: Nordstrom  ///  Grooms Tux :: Men’s Wearhouse ///  Wedding Dress :: Martina Liana ///  Shoes :: Badgley Mischka  ///  Hair piece, bracelet + earrings :: The Left Bank  ///  Veil :: Made by mother of bride  ///  Venue + Catering :: Salvatore’s Lincoln Park


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