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chicagofamilyphotohgrapher_ellerosephoto_-3Ooooooh my goodness did I have fun with this sweet foursome! Nothing like a bright and early session  to start the day with a smile : ) I loved getting to hang out with these guys again, I love seeing my families as each year passes and I get to see the kids growing up and their personalities shining through!
chicagofamilyphotohgrapher_ellerosephoto_-11 chicagofamilyphotohgrapher_ellerosephoto_-7 chicagofamilyphotohgrapher_ellerosephoto_-5 Ahaha I love this shot – right as a truck bed full of small construction vehicles pulled up about 15 feet behind me. Totally unfair distraction!chicagofamilyphotohgrapher_ellerosephoto_-13 chicagofamilyphotohgrapher_ellerosephoto_-19 chicagofamilyphotohgrapher_ellerosephoto_-22 Look at these sweet eyes!! chicagofamilyphotohgrapher_ellerosephoto_-15 chicagofamilyphotohgrapher_ellerosephoto_-4 chicagofamilyphotohgrapher_ellerosephoto_-10 chicagofamilyphotohgrapher_ellerosephoto_-24 chicagofamilyphotohgrapher_ellerosephoto_-14 chicagofamilyphotohgrapher_ellerosephoto_-16 Momma love : )chicagofamilyphotohgrapher_ellerosephoto_-20 chicagofamilyphotohgrapher_ellerosephoto_-9 You guys are too much fun together!chicagofamilyphotohgrapher_ellerosephoto_-6 chicagofamilyphotohgrapher_ellerosephoto_-8 chicagofamilyphotohgrapher_ellerosephoto_-1

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