the elle rose effect

Elle Rose Photo is here to catch the magic of this moment so you can live in it. Forever.

I’m like ‘hey, what’s up, hello’

I’m Laurie. I created Elle Rose Photo in 2010 while living in my glorious, glittering hometown: the one and only, Chicago. While my heart will always be in the heartland, ocean winds and green adventures have called my name. (They were like, ‘Hey Laurie! What’s up hello! Let’s live this life, girl.’ Or something like that. The music was loud and the impulse was strong.) So I now can be found strolling on the beaches of Kailua, Oahu or exploring the lush greens around Kualoa Ranch and when I set that alarm, on top of Lani Kai watching the sunrise.

So, wherever your love story is happening, I can be there in a flash. (Hey now! Photography jokes are jokes, too.)

Things I love:
Craig, my lovest love
fresh coffee beans, mmmm
a good Malbec with good friends
Hawaii, every inch of it
TV, on the real
My passport, duh

And this. This isn’t just a thing I say. It’s the realest. I love capturing this living instant so you can live all the way in your life. Helping you create timeless forever memories — it’s everything.


If the stars align, and we connect, it might feel a little something like this…

Have you ever felt like confetti caught on a summer wind?
like a perfect pink ballerina, slowly spinning to infinity in a velvet box,
like fireworks above a ferris wheel just before a storm,
like the flash, the camera and the circumstances
could all just vanish – poof! –
but the feeling of this moment would last f o r e v e r,
because – snap!
you are still here
in the center of the universe,
glittering beneath the twinkle lights of this very moment.
where you live completely, deep-clear-water-up-to-your-lips
in your life.

We’re here for that.
For bang! pow! big, huge faceexploding laughs
and little, itsy-bitsy, so-sweet-you-gotta-close-your-eyes moments.
For the spectacular and the sacred.
For the top-of-your-lungs! and the whisper-in-her-ears.

We’re here to catch lightning in a bottle.
So you can save it and savor it and revisit the feeling –
magnificent or mini-mini-mini, dizzying and dazzling –
like a tourist rambling about in your own miraculous life.
the stars marvel at you
and so do we.

keep spinning, we’re here to catch you
and the fleeting magic of this moment.
and this one.
and this one.
and this one.

Elle Rose Photo.
Live in.

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