two brothers roundhouse wedding | todd + paola

twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-79Todd and Paola are two of those people that if you are lucky enough to meet, you leave with a huge smile on your face. That is what they do to people – they give off this undeniable sense of happiness and it is contagious. Getting to photograph that, and then together was such an honor, as they just absolutely light up when they are together. I mean beaming smiles that cover their entire faces, totally contagious! Which is why on their gorgeous wedding day, everyone that was there to celebrate these two was beaming from ear to ear! This beautiful day was packed in with so much genuine love, so much family connection and one packed dance floor! It was just!!!twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-5 Paola’s details – I mean, to die for! Loved the old Hollywood glamour feel of Paola’s style, she nailed it!twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-2 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-4 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-6 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-12 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-14 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-16 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-11 These two were so much fun to get to photograph!twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-15 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-18 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-19 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-166 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-20 It is that veil that always ties the look together and makes it all very real!twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-23Momma love : )twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-24twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-27twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-26twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-29 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-30 Total KNOCKOUT!twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-28 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-31 Look at this dapper gent! twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-167twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-32 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-33 Here comes the bride! twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-34 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-35 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-36 twobrothersroadhousewedding_elleros
ephoto_p+t-37 See, told ya Paola has that smile that will light up an entire room!!
twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-39 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-40 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-41 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-42 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-43 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-44 Looooved the fun we got to have with these guys and their car rental for the day!twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-45 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-46 We shot at the peak of golden hour, and the sun was doing so many playful things for us : )twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-48 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-47 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-50 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-51 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-69 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-53 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-67 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-63 You guys are so sweet together : )twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-55 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-49 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-58 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-59 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-62 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-68 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-52 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-77 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-57 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-87 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-70 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-60 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-72 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-73twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-66 Thaaaaat light!
twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-74 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-78 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-80 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-75 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-82 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-83 Loooove you two : )
twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-89twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-86twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-96 You guuuuuuys! #supermodelstwobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-95twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-90twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-168 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-97 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-92 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-98 Then it was reception time over at the awesome Two Brothers Roundhouse! Paola packed it so many fun details!twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-102 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-99 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-104 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-103 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-106 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-108 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-110 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-111 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-114 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-107 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-115 I love a good cake cutting : )twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-116 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-117 So these two had some really amazing speeches, but that handsome fella on the right there is Paola’s nephew. He gave a surprise toast that no joke had every person in that room in tears (yes, including both photographers behind their lenses!) It was the hands down sweetest, funniest, all around most awesome speech I’ve heard. I think you guys need to frame that and hang it on your walls! twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-119 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-120twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-122 First dance time!twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-124 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-123 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-125 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-126 And then they daaaaanced!twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-128 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-131 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-127twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-112 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-132 twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-134 Todd + Paola – oh you two. THANK YOU, thank you guys so very much for making sure I was there with you to capture this most beautiful, love filled wedding day of yours – we had the best time with guys! From start to finish we were snapping photos of non-stop love surrounding you guys and that was just the absolute best! Congrats  +thanks again! xo – Ltwobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-135Elle rose brides : ) These beauties are just the best!twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-133Thanks Maggie for snapping me in the wild! twobrothersroadhousewedding_ellerosephoto_p+t-85

Venue + Catering :: Two Brothers Roundhouse  ///  Cake :: Naples Bakery  ///  Florist :: Robert Neri  ///  DJ :: Blackthird  ///  Wedding Dress :: LJM Bridal  /// Tuxedo ::  Emmanuale Tuxedo ///Second shooter extraordinaire :: Maggie Wright


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  1. That first image, what an opener!!! Such a beautiful day, I feel like I was there. I especially love how vibrant their reception was!

  2. These are all ridiculously gorgeous. I love your choice to photograph the dress against the curtains with the embroidery. They really compliment the dress — and that beautiful shot of the flower girl holding the bride’s train — the light! These are all so seriously beautiful. That BRIDE?! She is drop dead beautiful and your images capture her spirit so well.

  3. Such a memorable and lovely wedding from start to finish. The most beautiful bride and handsome groom. Your smiles and eyes show all the love you feel in your hearts. Love you both so much. Paola you are the best new addition as a daughter to us and are so happy you fill and complete our sons life. Love you both and so many good times to look forward to. You are amazing and so lovely and so happy for you and Todd. It was an amazing day.

  4. So much to love here!
    1. Such classy details.
    2. That shot of the two kiddos outside – super sweet!
    3. Bride walking down the stairs with the entire family taking pictures. Love how you captured that.
    4. That black and white of Paola in the car is stunning!
    5. Beautiful portraits and beautiful sunlight.
    6. Love that sparkler shot!
    Beautiful work!!

  5. all I can say is WOW! I am crazy about all of the wedding images! you covered the whole day so beautifully! I am in love with the first flower girl, ring bearer pic! That’s a giant print on the wall right there! So many pretty images! so much light and love! WELL done ladies!


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