lincoln park engagement | brian + jackie

chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_J+B-11Ahhhh the sunrise session. It is the one session that I totally hate to shoot when the alarm goes off, and absolutely end up loving at the end of it.  Sunrise sessions typically mean I get to follow around a ridiculously in love couple as we explore a rather empty city, making it feel like a scene from a movie in my mind. I absolutely adored exploring Lincoln Park with Brian and Jackie a few warm weeks back. We took in as much greenery and fresh bloom as we could. These two had me laughing and smiling along with them the entire time – I cannot wait for their big day come December!! chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_J+B-2 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_J+B-1 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_J+B-5 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_J+B-3 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_J+B-9 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_J+B-6 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_J+B-13 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_J+B-20 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_J+B-17 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_J+B-12 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_J+B-21 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_J+B-10 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_J+B-4 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_J+B-14 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_J+B-16 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_J+B-22 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_J+B-18 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_J+B-19 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_J+B-15 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_J+B-7 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_J+B-8


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