Boudoir Marathon Sessions.

Oh what a dream they are to capture. Watching these strong women come timidly into our bright + light space with trust in their eyes and excitement in their hearts, ready to jump in front of my lens. It is one of the best experiences – for my stunning + inspiring models, and for me creatively as your photographer. I truly adore boudoir marathon sessions and would love to have you there for the next one!

So what is a boudoir marathon session anyway? Well a few times a year I rent out a stunning space to host a slew of lovely ladies who come by in timed out slots for an hour of beauty! We blast your favorite dance-around-the-house-in-a-towel kind of tunes, chill some champagne and rank your lingerie pieces as we pose you in front of my lens. AKA the best hour of playful awesomeness.

Now why should you join us? Well that is a great question to ask and I have so many answers for you! For one, you should join us for you!  You work hard – you are young + wild + free! So let’s capture this time in your life. Looking for a wedding gift for your significant other – boooooom, you’ll nail it. Want to keep up with that wedding workout regiment you were on? Well paper is the traditional one year anniversary gift, what could be better than a lovely book made by you, made up of you?!

Every single lady I have photographed has ended their session with a great big
“Damn! I am so happy I did this – can we do this again next weekend?! That was so much more fun than I thought!! Thank you!”

 So basically – don’t miss out on all the fun. Sign up below for more info!

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