CD&Me Chicago Wedding | Mike + Kate

CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-103Mike and Kate, Kate and Mike. These two make my heart happy. They were married on a stunning summer day surrounded by some of the most excited, sweetest, happiest friends and family members around. It was a day filled with nonstop smiling, happy tears, and so very much love that I went home on a wedding day high! I am so excited to share these image with everyone today because I just know they will put a smile on your face! I started the morning with Kate and her ladies while Maggie was hanging out with Mike and the guys before we all met up for their first look.
CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-5 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-3 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-6 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-4 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-7 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-8 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-1 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-9 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-12 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-10 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-13 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-11 Love this excitement from Momma : )CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-15 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-16 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-14 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-20 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-17 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-22 Gooooorgeous!! CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-19 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-23 I love how many first looks Kate got to have and all of the excitement that followed : )CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-24 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-25 I loooooooove this image.CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-18 First look time! CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-27 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-26 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-28 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-29 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-32 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-34 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-31 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-38 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-39 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-40 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-41 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-42 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-64 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-52 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-71
Ohhhhhhh my heart strings. I’m teary eyed over this one – you can feel it too right?!CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-55 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-44 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-57 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-59 That Flowers by Steen does it again!CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-45 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-48 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-51 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-53 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-50 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-56 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-47 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-58CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-61 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-46 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-49 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-63 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-69 I just might blow this one up for my own walls….CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-70 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-73 This was one fun bunch of people to photograph ; )CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-43 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-72 After some portraits we headed to the lovely Wayside Chapel for the ceremony.CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-76 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-81 I mean what a way to make an entrance!! CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-80 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-82 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-85 Typically I am all for an unplugged ceremony, to make sure that your guests are engaged in your ceremony and of course not in the way of us getting those magical shots. In this case though, Mike’s Dad had flown in for the wedding and upon leaving the airport was in a terrible car accident. He was okay thank goodness, but was not able to leave the hospital and had to miss the wedding. Luckily, Facebook Live let him be right there with them, and the next day Mike + Kate showed up in the hospital in their wedding best and got re-hitched again with Dad right there : ) Like I said, these are two extraordinarily wonderful humans! CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-87 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-88 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-89 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-91 Maggie’s view…CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-90 My view….CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-94 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-93 Marrrrrried!! CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-95 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-98 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-100 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-104 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-109 I adore how much fun you two have together : )CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-113 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-102 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-108 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-110 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-112 A few words from the bride + groom!

Most hilarious moment of the day?: Our little niece Kinley ran away from the aisle during the processional! We only know this because Mike’s stepmom recorded the ceremony

Would you have done anything differently?: No way Jose! We loved every minute!

Favorite moment from your day?:  Both of us agreed, our first look! It took so much pressure off of us and eased our nerves, it also gave us a few minutes to be just the two of us! Second favorite moment of the day was ending the night with everyone in a big circle dancing to friends in low places by Garth Brooks

Any tips or tricks for future couples planning their weddings?: Everything will work out, don’t sweat the small stuff!

CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-116 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-111 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-97 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-118 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-106 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-114 Then it was reception time! We made our way over to CD&Me for some beautiful speeches with dinner and dancing! CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-119 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-131 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-128 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-132 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-129 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-134 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-120CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-133 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-135 Ohhhhhh hey ridiculous sunset, thanks for this : )CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_-1 First Dance :: I Can’t Help Falling in Love – Haley Reinhart
CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-139 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-138 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-140 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-141 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-142 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-144 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-145 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-143 CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-146 Mike + Kate – thank you, thank you, thank you so much for being so absolutely wonderful to get to photograph, and for inviting us in to capture these beautiful memories of your wedding day. It was such an honor to be apart of it all!! You two could not be more perfect together, and getting to photograph a love like yours is always inspiring : ) Congratulations and thank you so very much again! XO, Laurie CD&MEwedding_ellerosephoto_M+K-147

Second Shooter Extraidinaire :: Maggie Wright  ///  Florist :: Flowers by Steen Productions  ///  DJ :: Sound Sonic DJ  ///  Cake :: Cakes XO  ///  Catering :: Events Catering  ///  Bridesmaids :: Azazie  ///  Jewelry :: Francesca’s Boutique  ///  Tuxes :: Black Tie Formalwear  ///  Dress :: Essence of Australia purchased at White Satin Bridal  ///  Shoes :: Nina

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  1. WOAH. Your detail shots are so beautiful!! I am so teary over dad watching the ceremony through live feed and them going to the hospital the next day – that is so sweet. This couple is clearly gorgeous, inside and outside. You did such a fabulous job with this day!!

  2. Holy cow. I just wanted to stare at that first image forever…and…every single one after that as well. 🙂 Beautiful work, girl, and a GORGEOUS couple, too!!!

  3. Umm, that sunset picture might be my most favorite picture ever! So pretty! All of these pics are great! Everything was so pretty! Great job!

  4. These are so so so pretty! Her first look to her bridesmaids….LOVE! That chapel for their ceremony is JUST beautiful! You caught so many wonderful moments and details! These are fabulous!

  5. This could be the most beautiful wedding venue I’ve ever seen!! What a gorgeous wedding! These two look so happy and in love 🙂 Love every detail of the day! Fantastic job on those! That one you said you might have to blow up … FAVORITE!

  6. Laurie,
    Once again your pictures are amazing! Each picture brings this lovely couples beautiful day to life. Your phenomenal talent never ceases to amaze me!

  7. HOOOOOLY gorgeous bridal portraits- looooove all of these, the feels they have for each other? You totally captured it perfectly! What a gorgeous wedding!! XOXO

  8. What a beautiful wedding!!! Holy cow! And man, I LOVE technology! I wish they had things like facebook live 6 years ago when I got married. It would have been awesome to share that moment with my special people who weren’t able to make it in. Gorgeous work!

  9. Beautiful photos of a gorgeous day!! The light is PERFECTION. The portraits and amazing and can we also just mention her bouquet!!? HOLY BEAUTIFUL!

  10. THISSSSS WEDDDDDINNNNNNG?!?!?! Your getting ready images? Details? Portraits? ALLLLL OF IIIIIIT!!!!!!! You nailed this! Thanks for sharing your art with us. 🙂


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