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chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_Hfam-28Oh my goodness, get ready to swoon at the sweetest baby blues around!! I had the best time hanging out with Andrew and his family snapping some fun shots around the house and hanging with him and his puppy BFF. Plus I loved getting to chat with sis Momma who I went to grammar school with – I just love this job of mine for so many reasons, and that for sure is one of them! Too many favorites, I guarantee these will leave a smile on your face!
chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_Hfam-1 chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_Hfam-4 chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_Hfam-8 chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_Hfam-20 Momma love : )chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_Hfam-31 chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_Hfam-15 Such a happy little model! chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_Hfam-18 chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_Hfam-21 chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_Hfam-29 chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_Hfam-14 chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_Hfam-33 chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_Hfam-36 I mean seriously though those blue eyes! chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_Hfam-37chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_Hfam-22 chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_Hfam-40Love, love, love! chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_Hfam-23chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_Hfam-26 chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_Hfam-38


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