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chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_g-24You guys – I absolutely looooove getting to photograph these blue eyed beauties : ) It is always so much fun and this time there was a brand new baby sister!! Plus the whole family came along for a few bonus shots which was tons of fun! Cousin photos and some love from Grandma, what could be better?! 
chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_g-20 chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_g-15 chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_g-2 chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_g-17 chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_g-10 chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_g-8 chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_g-1 chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_g-6 Such a happy little lady!chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_g-13 chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_g-11 Beauties!chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_g-12 chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_g-9 chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_g-4 chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_g-3 Yesssssssssss, love so much : )chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_g-22 chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_g-5 chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_g-18 chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_g-23 chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_g-14 chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_g-21 You guys are the best – thanks for making the trip down for photos!! It’s always so much fun photographing your gorgeous family! chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_g-16

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