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ellerosephoto_Vfamily-20I loooooove when my friends have babies and call me to come hang out at home with them : ) And thanks to George making his arrival into this great big world, I got to go over to his house to hang out with him and his brother Nicholas, who took the session like a true 2 year old – totally doing his own thing and making me laugh the entire time. I loved it! Plus I got to hang out with Nick and Katie who I have known for decades, and that is just the best ever. This family just makes my heart happy and I am so excited to share some photos of our time together! Pretty much every image is my favorite, because I am biased and love these guys so enough of out me – Enjoy!ellerosephoto_Vfamily-22 ellerosephoto_Vfamily-15 ellerosephoto_Vfamily-3 ellerosephoto_Vfamily-1 ellerosephoto_Vfamily-2 ellerosephoto_Vfamily-6 ellerosephoto_Vfamily-5 ellerosephoto_Vfamily-16 ellerosephoto_Vfamily-14 ellerosephoto_Vfamily-4 ellerosephoto_Vfamily-7 ellerosephoto_Vfamily-9 ellerosephoto_Vfamily-10 ellerosephoto_Vfamily-25 Mommmmma love 🙂 The bestest.ellerosephoto_Vfamily-12 ellerosephoto_Vfamily-23 ellerosephoto_Vfamily-24 ellerosephoto_Vfamily-11 Studying up on Abraham Lincoln mid-session. ellerosephoto_Vfamily-18 ellerosephoto_Vfamily-21 ellerosephoto_Vfamily-27 Those eyes!!! ellerosephoto_Vfamily-26 ellerosephoto_Vfamily-8

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  1. Oh my gosh Nick and Katie. These photos are so beautiful and so warm and genuine that I think I’m gonna die! So happy for both of you because I’ve known you two since you were teenagers. Treasure these moments. They do go fast but not too fast. You’re in for the best roller coaster ride with those two little men. (Trust me – I know). Blessings for abundant health and happiness all the days of your lives. Margaret and Andy Kohn


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