chicago wedding photographer | andrew + jami kinzie street bridge engagement

chicagoweddingphotographer_kinziestreetbridge_erp-5 Ohhhh Chicago in the spring time! I love it so much with its golden sunsets and the non-stop magic of Chicago wedding season kicking into high gear. Engagement sessions are a constant and I love getting to interact with each new couple that comes in front of my camera!! That was no different when I finally got to photograph Andrew + Jami after our non-stop Chicago weather let downs, we finally got the most perfect day to photograph their Spring engagement outside of the apartment they share in the city. These two had me smiling from start to finish – they just light up together! It is that kind of contagious love that can’t be ignored, and I felt so lucky to be capturing it all for them to have for always! Enough out of me, get ready to fall in love with these two…chicagoweddingphotographer_kinziestreetbridge_erp-3 chicagoweddingphotographer_kinziestreetbridge_erp-1 chicagoweddingphotographer_kinziestreetbridge_erp-11 chicagoweddingphotographer_kinziestreetbridge_erp-15 chicagoweddingphotographer_kinziestreetbridge_erp-2chicagoweddingphotographer_kinziestreetbridge_erp-20 chicagoweddingphotographer_kinziestreetbridge_erp-12 chicagoweddingphotographer_kinziestreetbridge_erp-10 chicagoweddingphotographer_kinziestreetbridge_erp-21 chicagoweddingphotographer_kinziestreetbridge_erp-17 chicagoweddingphotographer_kinziestreetbridge_erp-6 Seriously though you two, never stop laughing together : ) It makes the world better! chicagoweddingphotographer_kinziestreetbridge_erp-18 chicagoweddingphotographer_kinziestreetbridge_erp-9 Obsessssssssed. chicagoweddingphotographer_kinziestreetbridge_erp-13 chicagoweddingphotographer_kinziestreetbridge_erp-4 chicagoweddingphotographer_kinziestreetbridge_erp-25 chicagoweddingphotographer_kinziestreetbridge_erp-7 Such a beauty! chicagoweddingphotographer_kinziestreetbridge_erp-8 chicagoweddingphotographer_kinziestreetbridge_erp-19 chicagoweddingphotographer_kinziestreetbridge_erp-24 chicagoweddingphotographer_kinziestreetbridge_erp-16 chicagoweddingphotographer_kinziestreetbridge_erp-23chicagoweddingphotographer_kinziestreetbridge_erp-22 chicagoweddingphotographer_kinziestreetbridge_erp-14


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