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chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-77Ohhhhhh man oh man did I kick off the 2016 wedding season with a bang! I ended 2015 on NYE and rushed into the 2016 season on January 2nd with Anna and Bill and their absolutely stunning Chicago winter wedding at St. Rita Church + Hyatt Lodge in Oakbrook. Kicking of my Chicago wedding photographer season with such an awesome wedding party, and such a happy in love bride + groom was just the best! Plus I had my girl Nicki along with me to capture all of the happy love surrounding these two on their beautiful wedding day! From the sparkles in the dresses, the beautiful paper goods to the perfect golden hour light we had for portraits – I just could not get enough of these two!! chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-16 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-2 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-11 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-3chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-18 Love, love, love the gorgeous variations in these Adrianna Papell dresses! chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-8chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-4chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-13 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-6chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-7chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-19 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-1chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-9 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-20 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-12 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-21 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-17 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-24 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-26 Stunning, absolutely stunning!chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-27 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-30chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-25 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-35 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-34 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-33 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-32 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-31 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-37 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-44 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-42 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-46 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-40 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-48 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-49 Looooove this exit — just married!!chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-38 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-51 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-52 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-47chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-54 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-71 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-80 copy chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-61 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-76 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-100 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-66 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-83 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-58 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-63chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-104aachicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-75 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-82 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-108aa chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-110aa ANNNNNNNA. Total knockout : )chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-98 You guys are wonderfully sweet together : ) And you have killer smiles!chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-86 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-97 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-91 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-79 Looooved these perfect blooms!chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-106 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-109aa chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-62 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-57 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-72 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-88 Beauties!chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-102 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-93 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-84 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-94 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-92 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-87 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-103 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-85 You guys were an absolute blast to hang out with – thanks for rocking pictures in record time!chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-101 The Hyatt Lodge Ballroom was totally transformed!! So much pretty to take in : )chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-115aa chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-112aa chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-113aa chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-118aa chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-127aa chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-116aa chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-120aa chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-128aa chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-129aa chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-131aa chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-132aa First Dance :: Georgia, Vance Joychicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-141aa chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-142aa chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-143aaFrom the Bride + Groom :: Most hilarious moment was probably the issues that the ushers had with the runner. We loved every moment of the entire day!! Thanks so much everyone! – B + Achicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-144aa chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-135aa chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-136aa chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-138aa chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-139aa chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-140aa chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-147aa chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-137aa chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-111 Bill + Anna – you two are just the best!! We had the absolute best time following you guys around on your wedding day snapping these memories! There was just so much love surrounding you two, and it was contagious! Thank you, thank you so very much for inviting us into your day – we loved every moment!! Thank you + congrats again, XO – L

Second Shooter :: Nicole Defilippis Photography  ///  Flowers :: OH My Floral!  ///  Band :: Then Again  ///  Dress :: Augusta Jones  ///  Tux :: Men’s Warehouse  /// Venue + Catering :: Hyatt Oakbrook Lodge  ///  Bridemaid Dress :: Adrianna Papell  /// Church :: St. Rita of Cascia


Because you know, iPhone snapshots with me in them are all you want to remember your big day!
chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto-65aa Me telling awesome jokes obviously, thanks Nicki for snapping these : )


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  1. Oh man! Those bridal party shots are to DIE FOR. I love the girls dresses + the snow! It is so great that everyone braved the cold to create magic! Beautiful wedding!

  2. Ok – holy w.o.w. I LOVE the glam of this wedding and her dress is to die for!!!!I love the cap sleeves and the romantic details of the back. Plus any snowy wedding is such a big plus in my book!I really wish brides were more adventurous like this and you clearly captured all the magnificence of the day so flawlessly. So so good

  3. The details of this wedding!!! So beautiful!! You did an amazing job capturing such a lovely day! And I love that the pictures were all in the snow, I’m impressed with every single one of them!

  4. So in love with all the different dresses! What a gorgeous bride! You photographed this day so beautifully! So much love and happiness captured! All the details are just lovely!

  5. You seriously made me just fall in love with winter weddings!! Everything about this wedding and the way you captured it is perfect! And all those dresses to die for!

  6. WOWZERS!!!! These portraits just capture a day that I can tell was just AMAZING!!! What a lucky couple to have it documented so beautifully! I loved all the different dresses and it looks like everyone was just having a great time! Great job!!!

  7. Oh my goodness… These dresses are KILLER!!! That wedding party is HUUUGGGEEE and you rocked it Laurie! Absolutely stunning images! Beautiful couple and amazing details!

  8. LOVE this couple and love this wedding! The black and white of Anna in the beginning by the window is just stunning! The sunset snow photos are my absolute favorite! Awesome, awesome job!!

  9. You rocked this wedding!! Those portraits – hello gorgeousness! And, WOW, what an incredible wedding party – woah! Love those little moments you captured too like the little boy in the pew during the wedding. Ha! Amazing work.


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