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chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-64 Where to begin with Rachel + Matt… these two are winter photo taking pros for one. From their engagement session in the snow + wind, to an overcast Chicago Winter wedding in January that ended in the fluffiest snowflakes possible – these two just rocked it all like they were standing in a sunbeam together : ) And that made me really happy because you could just tell that they were so thrilled to be right there, right then, with each other sharing their vows. Which I think is a really excellent place to be on your wedding day!! They were surrounded by a bridal party that was so full of life, and just so excited to be there celebrating them. What photographer wouldn;t love to capture that kind of energy?! Plus the details – oooooh the details! Rachel has an eye that just ooooozed classic Hollywood glamour meets winter perfection, and getting to see her vision come together and capture it all was the best! Okay enough out of me — time for you to fall in love with these two like I did : )
chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-12 Love this image of Rachel getting her Mom’s veil put on : )chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-3 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-7 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-5 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-22 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-1 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-4 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-13 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-19 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-16 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-9 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-20 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-17 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-23 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-24 I just could not get enough of the soft and romantic details throughout Rachel’s wedding look : )chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-25 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-26 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-29 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-28 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-27 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-30 So I have this thing for first looks – they are absolutely amazing. It is this bonus time of the day that you get to have together that you wouldn’t otherwise get to have, and it is always so special! chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-34 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-35 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-37 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-38 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-39 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-40 I love how much you two laugh together!! chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-43 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-42 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-44chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-87 chicagoweddin
gphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-51 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-61 You gorgeous girls were so much fun all day!! chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-85 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-67 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-70 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-82 Rachel. You were a total classic beauty of a bride!!! chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-48 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-45 Swooooon.chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-50 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-94 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-73 You two…. making me blush.chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-56 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-69 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-84 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-79 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-72 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-81 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-49 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-58 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-88 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-76 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-65 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-62 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-89 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-90 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-66 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-74 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-59 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-83 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-77 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-93 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-95chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-97 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-99 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-101 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-102 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-100 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-103 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-107 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-106 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-109 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-108 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-105 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-113 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-114 Rachel always wanted a winter wonderland of a wedding, and well – we exited the church into a perfect snow globe. It was truly magical!! chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-115 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-116 Bridal party champions : )chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-117 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-119 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-125 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-124 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-123 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-132 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-128 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-130 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-134 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-135 First Dance :: Mess is Mine by Vance Joy
chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-138 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-136 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-137 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-141 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-142 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-146 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-144 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-145 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-153 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-154 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-156 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-150 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-157 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-155 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-161 chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-159 Boooooooooom. NAILEDIT. chicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-152 Matt + Rachel – Oh you two darlings. I just adore you guys so much and am SO very thrilled that I was there to capture this absolutely gorgeous wedding of yours!! We had the best time capturing these memories with you guys from the very moment we walked in and were greeted by the happiest, most excited faces from everyone involved in your big day! I loved it all so much, I didn’t even mind getting snowed on – and I hate snow : ) Congrats and thanks so much again!! XO – Lchicagoweddingphotographer_ellerosephoto_mr-163

Florist :: Philip’s Flowers and Gifts LaGrange  ///  Band :: Enough Said   ///  Cake: Lezza Spumoni Desserts & Co  ///  Venue + Catering :: Hyatt Lodge at McDonald’s Campus  ///  Bride’s Dress :: Judd Waddell from Bella Bianca  ///  Shoes :: Jimmy Choo  ///  Brides Accessories + Bridesmaid Dresses :: Bella Bianca  ///  Tuxes :: GQ Formalwear Elmhurst  ///  Photo Booth :: Magic Moment Photo Booth  /// Invitations + Paper Suite :: GinnyD by Ginny DeGregorio  ///  Second Shooter :: Carrie Holbo Photography


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  1. Eek! What a gorgeous day! I am in LOVE with her shoes [so so so hot!], and that one of him nuzzling her neck = WOAH!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!!! And that snow is absolutely fantastic. What a beautiful wedding!

  2. What a gorgeous wedding!!! I loved the brides whole look and I want, no need, her shoes. That first look is so sweet and I’m LOVING all those portraits. and are you kidding me with the snow globe exit????? Perfection! You rocked this wedding like you always do! Awesome job Laurie!! 🙂

  3. gorgeous! you seriously rocked this wedding! i’m obsessing over rachel’s dress and shoes, and all her pretty! i love how classic matt looks. and i love all of the portraits of the bride and groom!

  4. I can’t stop looking at these pictures! Absolutely stunning. Every photo is so expressive capturing the moments of joy and happiness throughout each part of the day. You get 5 stars Laurie. I am recommending you to anyone who asks in a heartbeat. Thank you, Mother of the Bride

    1. Oh my goodness – you are the sweetest! Thank so much for sharing, I loved every moment of Rachel and Matt’s gorgeous day and cannot wait to share the rest with you guys!


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