Garfield Park Conservatory Family Sessions | joe + mary + abby + ben

chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_Cfamily-27If you’ve been here for a bit, you know I adore this family so, so, so very much! Mary and were college roomies, and we’ve been going on terrible entertaining double dates since then. Joe + Mary were the very first people who ever let me take their picture in a professional setting – and I cannot believe that was over 5 years ago! These 4 are just so much fun to get to photograph, Ben + Abby have so much personality, and style of course like their Momma! Mary is an amazing blogger who always has tons of inspiration to share for other Mom’s – check it out here! The Cofran Home I was so thrilled to step into the jungle of Chicago for their family session last month in honor of Ben’s first birthday. So many awesome moments I was able to capture of this sweet foursome : )chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_Cfamily-9 This beauty, just the sweetest : )chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_Cfamily-2 chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_Cfamily-4 chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_Cfamily-8 chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_Cfamily-11 That little perfect smile – the best!! chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_Cfamily-21 chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_Cfamily-12 chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_Cfamily-18 chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_Cfamily-22 chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_Cfamily-31 chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_Cfamily-38 chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_Cfamily-35 Beauties! chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_Cfamily-32 chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_Cfamily-19 chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_Cfamily-30 chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_Cfamily-28 chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_Cfamily-34 chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_Cfamily-25 chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_Cfamily-3 chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_Cfamily-15 chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_Cfamily-20 chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_Cfamily-6 chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_Cfamily-7 chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_Cfamily-13 These guys are wonderfully sweet together. chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_Cfamily-29 chicagofamilyphotographer_ellerosephoto_Cfamily-26 Love you guys : )

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