osteria via stato wedding | Phil + Brittany

osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-99Oh am I excited to share this gorgeous wedding gallery with you all today! I absolutely loved getting to work with Phil + Brittany throughout their wedding planning process and getting to capture it all was such a dream! Phil + Britt were just so much fun to work with and be around. They put together one stunning day – filled to the brim with gorgeous details, a watercolorist (yessss she was awesome!) and one of the best meals any wedding guest could ask for!!  These are two people that love life together, and who could not be more excited to get married! Surrounded by so much happy love and their amazing loved ones, getting to photograph these memories was an honor, and I loved every moment of it! I started the morning with Brittany and the girls over at Hotel Palomar, while Maggie and Phil were hanging out and getting ready at Woodlawn Tap : )osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-8 8¹ˆÚŒŒDz«dӃÝvàxŠDnj†äR¦-|7 Åg ’OM¨ÄU*äÞ|÷êQÒ}<é¯é.໵¢K£y(©õ¥¤Ûô´ã¶†™J@À¥MwÇ)jÆÊPóÎÕQ5TÜ,è²q`!qß9yP<µu9¦izËq~ñÕLEâoHBÈÁN6ÜzÕÜã9…¹^.aŽFm§8VÔ?) :Îò4Ç osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-1 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-2 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-3 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-6 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-9 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-10 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-4 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-11 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-12 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-14 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-13 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-23 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-17Britt – you darling are an absolute vision!! osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-27osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-22 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-18 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-20 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-26Goin’ to the chapel…. that remarkable Rockefeller Chapel : )osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-31 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-33 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-34 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-19 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-35I mean this…. what an entrance! Maggie’s view…osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-38osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-39My views…. I love these images of Britt + Phil making the same-same face at each other a few steps apart : )osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-41osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-42 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-43 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-40osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-47 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-45Mazel!!osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-50osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-51osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-53 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-54 So this was the best. I cooked up a plan with Phil to surprise his new wife with a visitor…. their sweet pup Charlie!! Luckily my hubs was off that Saturday and I convinced him it would be a great idea to pick up Charlie from day care and drive him to the church. And that is just what happened! “OMG I haven’t cried all day – till now!” – Britt upon seeing Charlie : )osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-57 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-58 University of Chicago, I have a soft spot for you as a wedding photography backdrop!osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-100 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-90 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-62 Look at all this style!!!!osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-83 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-82 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-78 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-74 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-61 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-86 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-75 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-87 Beauties!osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-69 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-71 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-109 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-104 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-72 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-80 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-68 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-114 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-101 This dapper groom – killin it!osteriaviastatoweddi
ng_ellerosephoto_pb-108 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-89 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-96 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-111 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-85 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-67 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-88 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-110 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-81 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-106 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-92 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-102 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-76 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-105 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-70 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-97 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-94 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-93 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-79 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-117 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-116 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-115osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-133 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-121 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-125 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-127 The details! I loved them all, they were executed to perfection and SO much fun!!!osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-131 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-126 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-119 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-129 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-122 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-134 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-124 Heeeey newlyweds! osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-137 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-139 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-142 First Dance — Queen, “My Best Friend”osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-143 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-144 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-145 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-146 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-147 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-151 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-152 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-153 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-154 osteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-138 Phiiiiil! Briiiiitt! My goodness do we love you guys and did we have an absolute blast getting to capture your gorgeous wedding day! It was so much fun, and we could not get enough of your wonderful friends + families – they were amazing! Thank you so very much for having us there to not only capture your beautiful day, but to also to coordinate all of that awesomeness you guys put together! Huge congrats + thanks again – XO, Losteriaviastatowedding_ellerosephoto_pb-149

Second Shooter :: Maggie Wright  ///  Venue + Catering :: Osteria Via Stato  ///   Florist :: Phillip’s Flowers  ///  Band :: The Connexion Band  ///  Watercolorist :: Kelly Maryanski  ///  Wedding Dress :: Allure Bridal  ///  Jewelry :: Nadri  ///  Shoes :: Jimmy Choo  ///  Cufflinks  ::  Etsy  ///  Bridesmaid Dresses Variations :: Bella Bridesmaids  ///  Tuxes ::  Blacktie Formal  ///  Day of Event Coordination  :: Elle Rose Events

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  1. Wowwwwwwza! What a classy, stunning couple and wedding! That location on campus is FABULOUS. Amazing job capturing their perfect day 🙂

  2. HOLY COW!! This wedding belongs in a magazine. So beautiful! That shot with her veil and back of her dress!!!! GASP!!!! Everything about this wedding is ON POINT, especially the photographers

  3. Um, I literally can’t take these. Holy cow. Each photo blew me away more than the last! I am not just saying that. Incredible work.

  4. HOLY WOW! I couldn’t love these any more if I tried! I’m so impressed with the whole collection especially their portraits. High fives friend!

  5. Oh my goodness, this whole wedding is pure perfection! Her dress, the bridesmaids dresses, the veil, the church, the venue, the fabulous photos in front of all the ivy, just eveything! I’m obsessed! You completly outdid yourself on this one. AMAZING job Laurie!


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