Salvage One Wedding | Brian + Noreen

salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-76 So my excitement to get this post up and shared is a bit wild. Like in a way where I had favorited far toooooo many images for a reasonable blog post. Why you ask? Well I super loved everything about the day I got to spend with Noreen + Brian and their incredible families + friends. For one, I’ve known Noreen since a single digit grade back in elementary school + a bunch of her Mighty Mac bridesmaids since HS. Plus – this day was fun. Fun. Fun. Fun. That is what this day was, from start to our photo finish where the entire reception got to the floor to Rock the Boat…. I mean just loads of gorgeous fun! These two were hitched at Salvage One, which on its own is a photographers dream come true. It is always different – and always amazing, like a playground for us if I’m being honest. And getting to put these guys into a whole bunch of different spots for photos was just the best! Plus everyone around Noreen + Brian was just soooooo, so happy to be there to celebrate these two getting married! The dance floor was just completely lit up from the moment the music started, and the speeches were all filled with ridiculous love and humor! It was such a warm and inviting atmosphere to get to capture, and we loved every moment! I started the morning off with Nonie and her gals….salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-2 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-1 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-4 While Nicole made her way over to Brian and the guys. salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-18 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-5 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-6 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-12 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-7 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-8 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-19 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-15 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-10 Diiiiiiva! Killing it gorgeous : )salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-11 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-20 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-16 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-25 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-21 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-22 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-27 I love that on my timestamp of images these were taken about 7 seconds apart. salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-26 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-28 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-37 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-38 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-31 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-35 Salvage One, you are made for brides. salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-47 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-43 This dapper groom – loved your style Brian! salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-41 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-44 Yesssssss.salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-46 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-50 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-53 These beauties were so much fun and I could not get enough of their style! salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-30 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-52 This group of guys could not have been more entertaining! salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-36 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-32 Then it was time to get married! salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-61 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-65 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-63 Love them first look smiles!salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-62salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-64 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-67 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-68 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-66 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-69 Now that’s a first kiss : ) And that bridal party, I told ya – tons of fun!! salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-70 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-72 Then we headed outside to take some portraits of the newlyweds.salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-75 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-97 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-95 Just wait for the end of this post for the other version of this shot : )salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-80 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-86 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-90 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-73 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-89 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-79 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-76 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-83 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-87 This might be my most fave photo I’ve snapped in a bit. Because I mean…. LOOK AT IT!salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-91 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-96 Hey team – thanks for killing it all day. Call me when y’all get hitched k? I wanna hang out again!salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-74 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-82 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-93 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-56 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-94 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-77 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-85 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-98 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-81salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-92 You guys – never stop laughing hilariously together please. It is good for the world.salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-84 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-99 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-54salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-42 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-55 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-100 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-102 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-104 I love that without seeing your faces I can feel your beaming smiles in this!salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-105 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-106 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-107 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-108 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-110 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-112 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-113 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-114 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-116 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-117 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-118 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-119 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-120 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-122 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-123 First Dance :: When the Stars go Blue, Ryan Adamssalvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-125

And now, a few words from the B + G….
Most hilarious moment of the day?: When Brian was teaching Julian our ring bearer how to slide and ended up bruising his knee pretty bad. 
Would you have done anything differently?: We would figure out time travel so we could do it all over again. It was the absolute best night of our lives!
Favorite moment from your day?: Seeing each other for the first time walking down the aisle. 
Any tips or tricks for future couples planning their weddings?: Don’t sweat the small stuff most people won’t even notice any little glitch that might have gone wrong. 

salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-126 And then. They danced….. theeeeeey dance, dance, DANCED.salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-127 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-128 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-130 Name that song….salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-138 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-129 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-144 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-131 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-143 Heeeeeey buddy!salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-136 Please enjoy me in the corner of this photo cracking up hilariously. We were all packed up and getting ready to walk out for the night when ‘Rock the Boat’ came on and then this happened…. and Nicki was alll “OMG YESSSSSSS” and got it covered like a boss! salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-145 salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-132 Yoooooooou guys!!! Can we have an anniversary party from here on out?! Thank you so very much for having us there to photograph this wildly wonderful wedding day of yours, it was an absolute blast! Thanks so much for making us feel like family, we loved every moment!! Enjoy your crazy world travels – so jealous!! Huge congrats on saying I do and thank you again – Xo, L… ps clearly Nicki and I are better behind the camera and not in front of it : )salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-133 Assssss promised, the full frame : )salvageonewedding_ellerosephoto_B+N-78

Second Shooter :: Nicki Defilippis  ///  Venue :: Salvage One  ///   Florist :: Flowers be J’laine  ///  DJ :: MaryMonicaMusic  ///  Catering :: Beyond Events  ///  Wedding Dress :: Tadashi Shoji, BHLDN Exclusive  ///  Jewelry :: BHLDN  ///  Shoes :: Kate & Kelly

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  1. WOW. I love this wedding. That shot of the girls touching up their lipstick is stunning. Their first kiss is epic. I love how the bridesmaids dresses compliment each other! This whole day is just full of so much gorgeous!! FABULOUS. You definitely need a photographer’s version of a mic drop after this blog.

  2. Oooh, how cool is that CHICAGO sign?!! And I’m just loving this location (LOVE Salvage One!!) and mixed metals theme the bride coordinated for the wedding. Perfection my friend, LOVE LOVE!! XOXO

  3. Laurie I can’t get enough of these pictures! You and Nicki did a fabulous job capturing Noreen and Brian’s day. Thanks so much for showing all the love that surrounded them on their wedding day! You are simply an amazing photographer!

  4. That shot of all the girls applying lipstick in the mirror is so gorgeous! Heck every image here is gorgeous! Such a lovely wedding. You captured it amazingly!!!

  5. That beautiful couple! That wedding party! Those DRESSES!!! The venue! Aaaahhhhhh!!!! This is just the best wedding ever, you did a fantastic job on these!! Just perfect 🙂

  6. Ahhhh Laurie these photos are AMAZING!! Your bridal prep photos are gorgeous and you perfectly captured every detail and every moment of this super super fun day! DYING over the portraits, they are pure perfection. This was one for the books that’s for sure! Awesome awesome job lady!! You’re the best!!

  7. holy crap!! can i say that?! well, i just did!!!
    these are incredible! they are literally right out of a magazine. just when i found a favorite…i found 10 more!

  8. SO MANY beautiful shots from beginning to end!! That shot of the bride lounging on the couch…. YES YES SO MUCH YES!!! All of their portraits are downright stunning, beautiful colors!! Fabulous job!

  9. I adore this wedding!!! Salvage one is the most magical place! I would love to shoot there ! You two rocked this wedding like a boss!!!!! This post was breath taking!

  10. OH MAN OH MAN OH MAN!!!!! Could this wedding BEEEE any more fun?! BRB, picking my jaw up off of the ground! Beautiful images as always friend. High fives!


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